RealTime. Multiplayer. JavaScript.

Lance is a node based game server. Created to enable game developers to build real time online javascript multiplayer games without worrying about implementing net synchronisation code. It strives to provide buttery smooth experience for both developer and player regardless of lag.


Arcade, RTS, Physics-based puzzlers, FPS - Lance can power them all
Intelligent lag handling
Synchronisation methods for different types of games (interpolation\extrapolation\lockstep)
Supports physics engines
Cannon.js/built in pseudo physics
Future-centric architecture
ES6-focused, extendable
Smart Binary serialization
Minimize the data that goes over the wire
Open source community driven
Run your own server!
To see a full list of planned features, check out the development roadmap


  1. From the command line run

    > git clone
    > cd tinygames/pong
    > npm install
    > npm start
  2. Open two browser tabs, and point them to http://localhost:3000 You now have a working multiplayer version of Pong to play with!

Wonder where to start to building such a project yourself? Check out the Getting Started guide